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100% recommend

I’ve been searching for a way to attain the C2 English Cambridge Certificate for quite a while and ended up coming across NAKED ENGLISH MENTORING. Choosing to prepare for my exam here was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made in terms of education. The materials that were given and the manner of teaching, as well as the professional yet friendly/supportive environment, was exactly what I needed to catch up on what I’ve forgotten over the years. After just a few months’ worth of lessons I was able to achieve Grade A on my C2 Cambridge exam. I would 100% recommend this school to anyone hoping to start off or continue their journey with the English language.


Nothing but excellent

I wanted to prepare for the Certificate of Proficiency in English, so in July of 2020 I signed up for English classes with Naked English Mentoring. A year later, and thanks to the attention and dedication of the teachers there I was able to pass the exam. It required a lot of hard work for almost a year, however, I do believe that it is worth it, since this certification can be really helpful in my professional career.

I will recommend Naked English Mentoring strongly to anyone who wants to learn English or to get a certificate, since my experience with them has been nothing but excellent.

Claudia G